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Family game night: 10 best games to play with your family during isolation

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Family game night: 10 best games to play with your family during isolation

Prior to isolation, only a fraction of our day was spent with the family. Having a family game night was probably rare. We went to work for the majority of the day and saw our kids for a few hours at the end of the day. The weekends were filled with activities and social obligations, sometimes leaving us with little time to breathe. Most days we didn't even have time to enjoy each other's company.

Now that we are in COVID lockdown, we are with our family all the time. While it can be a struggle to balance work, family and the home, it is also a blessing to have this much time with my family. We're forced to slow down and to re-think our priorities.

Let's be honest though, sometimes boredom kicks in. For those of us who are still lucky enough to have work during quarantine may not be bored much during the weekdays. Come the weekend and we're scratching our heads trying to figure out what to do now that we can't really go anywhere. No activities, no social obligations.

Family game nights are the perfect way to spend time with our family and break the boredom. Playing games together brings out competitiveness (in a good way), teamwork and most importantly, it is a great way to bond.

Here at the Shopping Unicorn, we've put together a list of best games to play with your family during COVID isolation lockdown.

1. Boredom Buster Box

The Boredom Buster Box promises to live up to its name - bust boredom! It's the ultimate curated selection of fun games for the entire family including:

  • Colorize 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle (plus a bonus puzzle)
  • Cat Stax Puzzle Game (1 or more players)
  • Rubick’s Flip (2 Player Game)
  • Classic Trouble (Family Game)
  • $10.00 Looking Glass Adventures Gift Card to use on a future Escape Room Adventure (they are located in Toronto)

2. Exploding Kittens

The Exploding Kittens game first made its debut on Kickstarter, raising over $8.7 million from over 219,000 backers. It's made for people who are into kittens and explosions (maybe not at the same time?). As a cat lover, this actually sounds horrid but it's far from it.

According to CNN, this game favourite is "like UNO, except there are goats, magical enchiladas and kittens that can kill you." It's appropriate for adults and kids 7+ and promises to bring fun to the whole family.

3. Sorry!

This classic game is a mystery-solving guessing game that brings out both the fun and competitiveness between family members.

While the recommended age is 6+, kids as young as 4 can still get in on the fun.

4. The Jackbox Party Pack

Jackbox Games are games you can play digitally on any platform from Xbox One to Apple TV. With the Jackbox Party Pack, you can experience 5 fun games in one pack.

You can have hours of fun with your family during your COVID isolation with this party pack. The best part is that you don't have to worry about delivery. Everything is online.

5. Sushi Roll

Sushi Roll is a game that's perfectly fun for age 8+ up to 5 players. A dice rolling game, it combines some simple rules with a whimsical family-friendly theme.

The goal is to win the most points. You can earn points for winning combos like two tempuras or a set of sashimi. You have the option to grab a menu to re-roll your dice or use chopsticks to swap with other players.

6. Hedbandz

Hedbanz is a fun guessing game for kids and adults, making it a great game for family game night during isolation.

With players having to figure out what’s on the card on their headband, you'll have hours of fun playing this guessing game.

7. Virtual Escape Room

Mystery at Maryweather Mansion is the first virtual escape room offered by Looking Glass Adventures.

In this escape room game, you explore the home of famed explorer Jayne Maryweather to rescue her most valued possession.

A virtual escape room provides hours of fun for your family game night.

8. Let's Go Fishing

Kids love this go fishing game. My kids are 6 and 4 and they can spend hours trying to catch the fish.

As a family, you can play in teams to build a little competition and team building skills. It's a great way to kill time during COVID isolation.

9. The Sock Game

A team-oriented family game, the Sock Game asks, "what's in your sock?"

You have to reach inside your sock to find the item you're looking for. What's cool about this game is that you can customize it. There are 4 blank spaces available on the board where you can write in the name of objets in your house and fill your socks with them.

10. Mealtime Conversation Cards

Created by a nutritionist who specializes in picky eaters, this food game is designed to transform meal times by making your meal time a version of family game night.

This mealtime conversation card game is perfect for families with young kids who are still exploring and learning to love food. You can create positive memories of your meals together by combining meal time with a fun game that the family can play together.

Looking for more ideas?

If you need more ideas and are in the Greater Toronto Area, Face to Face Games, Silly Goose Kids, Looking Glass Adventures, Funny Bones Games and Lounge Cafe and Dicey Business are game enthusiasts who can help curate the perfect games for your COVID isolation family game night. Give them a call and arrange for a contactless pick-up or delivery.

Puzzles are also a great way to spend time with the family during isolation. Check out our top 10 puzzle recommendations..

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  1. Jay Aguirre says:

    I love these games! I already have a few of them but will have to check the other ones out. A family game night is definitely something we need.

    1. We just started playing some games with the kids – so much fun!

  2. Kristine Nicole Alessandra says:

    Some of these games I have played with the family when I was a little kid. It would be nice to be able to play them again with my siblings, now that we are all adults. Right now I would be interested in the virtual escape room. That would be fun, and I guess this would be the best way for me to experience this game. I can’t do the real thing because that would freak me out. A virtual version is much better!

    1. The physical escape room is actually super fun! Although I think the virtual one is such a great idea as they can host players from anywhere in the world. I’m going to do a write up for it soon, so stay tuned!

  3. Growing up, every Friday night was family night and we would usually play a board game. I treasured those moments even today. With being in quarantine we have pulled out our favorite games and have brought back weekly family game night. I loved seeing all the different type of new games out there and will have to look into getting myself like Exploding Kittens and the Sock Game! Even Sushi roll looks like a blast! Thank you for sharing these amazing games

    1. You’re welcome. Family game night is so much fun. Enjoy!

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