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Fun puzzles for kids

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Fun puzzles for kids

My kids always have such a blast playing with puzzles. They can spend hours from one puzzle to the next.

The individual puzzle pieces of a kid's puzzle are considerably larger than the pieces of a regular jigsaw puzzle. They range anywhere from 24-100 pieces (less for toddlers).

There are so many benefits of playing with puzzles including:

Increasing Sef Esteem

There's a huge sense of accomplishment and satisfaction when a child completes a puzzle. This boots self esteem and confidence, not to mention persistence to complete the puzzle.


When kids work on a puzzle together they learn to take turns and problem solve together. Sure, my kids fight during the process as well, but there's also a lot of collaboration, encouragement and cheering each other on when they connect the right pieces.

Math Skills

Kids develop basic math skills by categorizing and organizing the puzzle pieces.

Hand Eye Coordination

There's a lot of hand eye coordination happening when you work on a puzzle piece. Your eyes are continuously scanning the available puzzle pieces, grabbing them with your hands and trying to fit them in. It's good for kids to learn this skill at an early age.

Emotional Skills

A huge benefit of puzzles is that kids learn to be patient throughout the process. We now live in a world where everything is instant. You touch the screen of an iPad and it moves on to the next thing. Working on a puzzle teaches kids that not everything has instant gratification and that with patience, your work pays off in a very satisfying way. They learn to manage a variety of emotions including frustrations, sadness and happiness.

Our curated list of puzzles for kids

Here are The Shopping Unicorn, we've scoured the internet for awesome puzzles your kids would love. My kids have some of these puzzles and they spend hours completing them over and over again.

Enchanted Woodland Floor Puzzle
Hatchimal Egg Puzzle
Melissa & Doug Dinosaurs Floor Puzzle
Sea Side Puzzle
Melissa and Doug Ballerina Floor Puzzle
Melissa and Doug Children of the World Floor Puzzle
Geo World Puzzle in French
Forest Friends puzzles for kids, The Shopping Unicorn
Forest Friends Puzzle

Curared list of awesome puzzles for adults

If you're looking for 300+ jigsaw puzzles to do (by yourself or with the family), check out our list of 10 awesome puzzles to beat the boredom during self-isolation.

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