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Robot Toys for Kids

STEM Robot toys for kids
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Robot Toys for Kids

My kids are obsessed with robots and robot toys for kids My younger daughter more so than my older daughter, but they both enjoy building robots just the same.

A couple of years ago, when we asked my younger daughter what she wanted for Christmas and her birthday (both of which fall on the same month), she confidently said, "robot". So two of her aunts got her robots that year. One was a learning robot clock and the other was one of those design and drill robot toys.

Robot toys encourage a growth mindset for kids

Robot toys are great for encouraging a growth mindset for kids. Through the process of building the robot, kids learn the concept of STEM - steam, technology, engineering and math. It sparks their curiosity of how things work.

Robot toys promote kids' hand-eye coordination and creativity and enhance critical thinking and development skills through playing.

Contrary to societal beliefs, robot toys are not just for boys. My kids are both girls and yes, they love their dolls, but they also love science. My younger one is especially fascinated by robot toys.

Below are some pretty cool STEM robot toys that your kids will love, ranging from toddler to older kids.

Robot learning clock

My daughter received a blue version of this robot clock for her birthday a couple of years ago when she was turning 3.

This clock teaches kids science (how time works), technology (how it runs), engineering (how it's built) and math (reading the time).

Robot snap and drill toy for toddlers and preschoolers

This is another robot that my daughter received for her birthday when she was a preschooler. It was the perfect robot for her age.

Preschoolers can snap together their robot’s arms and then practice drilling the multicoloured bolts with the kid-friendly screwdriver.My daughter absolutely loved taking the screws apart and drilling them back in. She could sit there for hours drilling.

Remote control robot for kids 8+

This building block robot toy can be controlled by a mobile phone app. It has a remote control, path mode, voice control, gravity sensors and STEM programming. Seriously, how cool is this toy? I'm sure my daughter would love this when she gets older.

The robot joints are free to move and almost every body part can be rotated.

Cubby Robot Kit for kids 7+

I absolutely love this robot toy from Little Robot Friends. I've been eyeing this robot toy for a while. I haven't gotten it yet for my kids yet because they are still a little young, but I did buy two of them for each of my nephews.

This particular robot toy, Cubby, uses an app to teach kids how to code. You can program Cubby to sing and to respond to touch, light, sound and movement by making adorable robot beeps and changing eye colours through the LED eyes.

Looking for more ideas for kids?

Head over to our Kids section to check more cool product and gift ideas for kids for kids' birthdays and other occasions.

(14) Comments

  1. I never knew these kind of toys. Now I know what to buy for nieces and nephews. Great collections.

    1. They’re so great. I’d rather my kids get these types of toys. They’re educational and fun at the same time.

  2. My daughter always wanted a Lego Boost robot. She LOVED building it and programming instructions for it to move around and talk! Great ideas here.

    1. Robots are so much fun to build and play with.

  3. These are all such fun ideas! I haven’t heard of these toys before, but they all look like they would be great for kids.

    1. They’re awesome for kids. They love playing with them, and they’re educational.

  4. These are so so cute!!! My best friend’s kid is fascinated with Robots, I will get him a couple of these cute robot toys, they’re awesome.

    1. Yes they absolutely are awesome. Your friend’s kid would love any of them I’m sure.

  5. Catherine says:

    These look like so much fun! What a great idea for the little ones and a great learning experience too.

    1. I absolutely agree. My kids learn so much by playing with their robot toys.

  6. Jay Aguirre says:

    Aww these are so cute and fun. What a nice selection you’ve listed. I’ll have to keep these in mind as gift ideas

    1. Thank you, as a parent, I find these types of toys are great for the kids.

  7. These are all so cool!! My boys love Robot toys and they also learn a lot along the way if they get to build them

    Laura x

    1. They’re great learning toys for sure.

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