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The benefits of playing Monopoly for Kids, with your kids

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The benefits of playing Monopoly for Kids, with your kids

When I was little, Monopoly used to be one of my favourite games. They didn't have monopoly for kids then, so we played the adult version (the only version at the time).

My parents used to drag us to these weekend retreats so all the kids would get together and hang out all day. We played soccer during the day and played monopoly in the evening. We were all between the ages of 10 and 13. It was a game that went on for what felt like all night long. I loved collecting all that paper money and owning all those properties. Little did I know that I was learning so many life and business lessons by playing that game.

Fast forward 30+ years later to isolation 2020. We decided to buy the kids Monopoly Junior which is monopoly for kids. I was a little hesitant to be perfectly honest. Our kids are 6 and 4 and I wasn't sure if they would be able to grasp the concept and play it. But we thought, let's give it a try and see. Worse come to worse, I was sure my husband and I would enjoy playing it.

Well, the kids surprised us, especially Averie, our 6 year-old. She absolutely loves the game. And she kicks our asses 95% of the time!

While playing the game with them, I realized that there are so many benefits to playing monopoly with your kids.

1. Family bonding

Playing together as a family is a great way to bond. It gives us a chance to laugh and have fun, and just enjoy quality, family time.

2. A break from screen time

This is a biggie. Pre-COVID, I was able to control the amount of screen time the kids had. They were only allowed screen time on the weekends. That was easy enough to enforce considering we really only had a few hours with them before it was bedtime. Between getting home from school to homework, dinner time and bed time, there wasn't that much time when the kids could actually have screen time.

Now that they're home all day, limiting their screen time has proved to be a bit challenging.

Playing board games with them is a great way to take a break from screen time (for me as well).

3. It teaches them math!

It's incredible to see my kids counting the money. Even my 4 year-old. At the beginning of "homeschooling", I realized that she didn't really know her numbers. It was the one area I've been trying to focus on with her.

This game helps my 4 year-old learn to count and helps my 6 year-old with addition and subtraction.

4. Introduces them to Property Investing

We really want our kids to grow up and become property investors. Playing monopoly teaches them the concept of buying properties, renting them out, and creating a positive cashflow. Monopoly Junior is a lot simpler of course, but the concept is there and that's what is being absorbed by their brains subconsciously when they are playing the game.

5. Learning kindness and charitable giving

I've gotten my ass whipped by my 6 year-old many times over in this game. I won a total of 1 time so far. During my losing streak, I saw kindness in my daughter. She didn't want me to lose the game. She didn't want me to lose all my money. If she owned two properties side-by-side, she would offer to let me pay rent only for one of them. She also gave me money when she saw that I was down to the wire and nearing bankruptcy. She tells me that she will take care of me because I take care of her.

She ended up winning big time. I told her that the reason she won is because of her kindness. The more you give, the more blessed you'll be. I believe that, and I want her to believe that as well.

Convinced Yet?

There you have it, 5 reasons why you should introduce monopoly to your kids. If you don't have monopoly for kids yet, a.k.a monopoly junior, go get one! You'll have lots of fun, and I bet your kids would too.

It also makes a great gift if you're looking for a gift idea. As a parent, I know that I would appreciate it if my kids had gotten this for their birthday instead of a toy.

Looking for more ideas?

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