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Virtual Escape Room at Looking Glass Adventures

Virtual Escape Room | Looking Glass Adventures | The Shopping Unicorn

This lockdown during COVID-19 has really changed the way we do things, from how we shop, work, do business, educate kids and hang out with our friends. We are now living in a virtual world and businesses have been getting creative and finding ways to offer their services online. It amazes me to no end …

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The benefits of playing Monopoly for Kids, with your kids

Monopoly junior, monopoly for kids, board games for kids, the shopping unicorn

When I was little, Monopoly used to be one of my favourite games. They didn’t have monopoly for kids then, so we played the adult version (the only version at the time). My parents used to drag us to these weekend retreats so all the kids would get together and hang out all day. We …

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10 awesome puzzles to beat the boredom during isolation

Family puzzle night during isolation, The Shopping Unicorn

We have had puzzles sitting stored away untouched for years. We simply had no time to put together a puzzle. With the hustle and bustle of daily life, unending errands, kids’ activities and social outings, we just didn’t have time. Now that we have nowhere to go (or more like we can’t go anywhere) but …

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Family game night: 10 best games to play with your family during isolation

Family game night, isolation activities, The Shopping Unicorn

Prior to isolation, only a fraction of our day was spent with the family. Having a family game night was probably rare. We went to work for the majority of the day and saw our kids for a few hours at the end of the day. The weekends were filled with activities and social obligations, …